Yeovil Karate Club Compete at WSKO Karate Competition in Wales

Well done to Calum, Charlotte, Alex and Florence for competing in the WSKO Welsh Open Karate Competition on Sunday 24th March.

Calum and Alex fought well. Charlotte won Gold in Kumite and Florence won Silver in Kumite and Kata.

Yeovil Karate Club at the UK International Karate Open Championship February 2019

Well done to Calum, Charlotte and Alex for competing at the UK International Karate Championships in Dudley on Sunday the 17th of February. Calum won Silver in Kumite.

Pictured above with Coach Gary Wilson.

Yeovil Karate Club Student of the Year

Congratulations to Charlie and Norman for jointly winning Yeovil Karate Club Student of the year 2018

Yeovil Karate Club Grading

Congratulations to Devon for passing his grading at Yeovil Karate Club

Yeovil Karate Club Grading

Congratulations to all who took part in the Yeovil Karate Club December Grading

Gary Wilson 5th Dan

Congratulations to Gary Wilson for getting his 5th Dan at the WKU Dan Grading in Bristol on Sunday 9th December 2018.


Yeovil Karate Club Compete at WKU Winter Invitational Karate Championships

Well done to Ruby, Ryleigh, Holly, Sebastian, Sabiq, Colin, Florence, Devon, Alex, Zuzanna, Norman, Charlotte and Calum who took part in the WKU comp at Weston super mare on Sunday 25th November, especially those who were competing for the first time.
Thank you to Steve, Keely and Nadia for coaching, Keely and Nadia for table officialling, Gary and Henry for judging, James for Refereeing.

And a big Thank You to all the parents who supported the event.

The Results were;

Shobu jukúren:
Florence: Silver
Ruby: Bronze 
Ryleigh: Bronze

Florence: Silver 
Calum: Silver 
Alex: Bronze

Calum: Gold
Florence: Silver 
Ruby: Bronze 
Ryleigh: Bronze

Team kumite: (Bristol)
Calum: Silver



Yeovil Karate Club Compete in Devon

Well done to everyone from Yeovil Karate Club who competed at the Devon Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Kai Invitational Tournament on Sunday 11th November. Calum won Gold in Kumite, Charlotte won Gold in Kumite, Calum and Charlotte won Gold in Team Kumite, Norman won Gold in Slam man and Bronze in Kata, Florence won Gold in Kata, and Colin won Silver in Slam man. Everyone who competed did the club proud.

EKF Regional Training

Well done to Calum who attended the EKF Regional training in London on Sunday 4th November.

Yate Karate Competition

Congratulations to Charlotte who won Gold at the Yate Karate competition on Sunday 4th November.